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so you don't have to.

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  • No Credit Card information required during the trial period.
  • $5/month after the trial period.
  • Text us at 929-521-6001 any time with questions.
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How It Works

How It Works

You set up a reminder.

Tell us what to text, to what number, and at what time each day.

How It Works

We send a daily text at the scheduled time.

"Did you take your medicine?"

How It Works

We keep texting until they say yes.

"If you take your meds, we'll stop texting."

Created for our kids.

And yours.

In 2018, Marty's young son, Luke, underwent a heart transplant. Luke grew older and taller, but never better at remembering to take his (very essential) meds. When Luke was preparing to leave for college, his parents were worried sick.

They tried several med reminder apps, but none worked. Luke complained that the notifications just get lost among his many other notifications and sometimes the apps would not even be running.

Luke needed reminders he would actually pay attention to, and he needed to be nagged, but not by his parents.

Then Luke had an idea. “Dad, make a software program that will just text me.”

Four weeks before Luke left for college, was born!

Marty and Luke

Just Text Messages. For Real.

How It Works

No App

How It Works

No Password

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No Dashboard

How It Works

No History

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No Ads

How It Works

No Data Sharing

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No Tracking

How It Works

No Push Notifications

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"The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak."

- Hans Hofmann

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